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When you come into the store with a problem, we need every system properly checked in to our system and for you to sign the liability waiver (See below). This allows us to document work done so we can refer back to it at a later date if we need to.

Hourly Rates

*Billable time is not the actual time for the work to be completed. Please see item 4 in disclaimer.

Our Disclaimer

The following is the disclaimer you sign at check-in which waives Prime Systems from certain liabilities concerning your data.

1. Prime Systems makes every effort to protect your data. However we cannot be held responsible for data loss.
2. I give Prime Systems permission to view the contents of my computer as necessary to repair. This may include opening the computer’s case and checking files on the disks.
3. All Non-Warranty work is $75.00 / Hour with a minimum 1/2 hr. labor charge. Your Prime Systems Warranty covers parts and labor. The Warranty does not cover physical damage, viruses, spyware or other software problems.
4. Computers are serviced in the order they come into our shop. We make every effort to complete your repair in a timely manner but we cannot guarantee an exact date for work completion. We do offer a “PAID RUSH” for $50, which means that your unit will be the next one started from the queue when a space opens on the services benches. It does not guarantee a completion time. It is not possible to determine a completion time before we evaluate what the problem is. Diagnosis with hardware tests, troubleshooting and scanning for infections all take time and is determined by the age of the unit, condition of hardware, software corruption, severity of infections and other factors that can only be discovered by evaluation.
5. Prime Systems is not liable for any lost disks that may have been left in your drives at the time of check-in. Please check them before you sign in and leave.
6. Prime Systems will make all reasonable efforts to contact the customer when service/repairs are completed; however, Prime Systems reserves the right to sell or recycle any items that have not been picked up after 60 days.
7. This sheet must be signed by the customer, for above work to be completed.

Billable Labor Table

The following table reflects billable time and not actual time for the work to be completed.

Service Labor Cost in Hourly Rate
Fresh Install 1.5 hrs
Fresh Install w/ Data 2 hrs
Virus/Spyware Removal .75 to 1.25 hrs Depending on Severity of Infection
Blue Screens To Be Determined by Diagnostic Testing
Ram Install 15 min
Fan Install 15 min
CD/DVD Rom Replacement 15 min
Software Install/Uninstall Contact Us
Power Supply Install 30 min
Motherboard Desktop 1/2 hr to 1 hr +
Motherboard Laptop 2 hr +
Notebook Power Jack 2 hrs
Laptop Screen Replacement 1 hr
Notebook Ram 15 min
Notebook Keyboard 30 min
Hard Drive Clone 30 min
Data Transfer 30 min to 45 minutes

NOTE: Rates subject to change and dependent upon individual circumstances


Here at Prime Systems we are committed to helping you have a five-star experience. As part of our commitment, when you buy a new desktop or laptop from use, we will deliver and set up your new system right to your home or business. Hardly anyone does this sort of thing. Our professional staff are standing by and ready to help you over any technical challenges you may have. We understand what it is like to purchase and set up your new system. Because of our vast experience, we are aware of the technical pitfalls that can stand in the way of an otherwise great experience and we are here to help! Part of our stellar service also includes operating on the maintenance side of things as opposed to picking up the pieces after a major technical disaster strikes. It is for this reason that Prime Systems also offers …

Professional In-House or On-Site Computer Tune-Ups

Don’t wait ’till it breaks … get your machine up and humming again by allowing Prime Systems to take a peak under the hood. Our amazing specialists will check the oil, top off the levels and change the wiper blades by carefully analyzing the current state of your machine, removing all bugs and viruses, optimizing the performance and even making hardware and/or software recommendations as needed.

Your computer, like you car, works better with regular maintenance. Here at Prime Systems, we are committed to making that happen for you. You have the option of bringing your machine in or scheduling one of our qualified technicians for an on-site visit. Either way, we are here and eager to help.